West Virginia Department of Transportation

In West Virginia, the West Virginia Department of Transportation (“WVDOT”) is the state agency that provides essential services in transportation, tourism, and economic development.  It is comprised of more than 6,000 men and women who work in the following divisions:

  • Division of Highways;
  • Division of Motor Vehicles;
  • Division of Public Transit;
  • Public Port Authority;
  • Parkways, Economic Development, and Tourism Authority;
  • State Rail Authority; and
  •  Aeronautics Commission.


The WVDOT provides safety and protection for citizens through modern operating standards for our highways, rail, and airport facilities and licensing and permitting of drivers and motor vehicles.  It also provides transportation services including public transit, railway operation and maintenance, airport, river port development, highway construction, and maintenance community.

The WVDOT provides for economic development through accessible roads, rivers, railways, airports, and support for the artisan community through other development initiatives.  It also creates revenue generation through the highway trust fund, air, railway, and waterway fuel funds and tolls and concession fees.

The WVDOT provides information and education through driver education, travel information, safety guidance, public involvement in transportation planning, and continuing education.

The mission of the WVDOT is to create and maintain for the people of West Virginia, the U.S., and the world a multi-modal and inter-modal transportation system that supports the safe, effective, and efficient movement of people, information, and goods that enhances the opportunity for people and communities to enjoy environmentally sensitive and economically sound development.

The West Virginia Department of Transportation contains the following seven divisions:

  • The West Virginia Aeronautics Commission (WVAC) – It  fosters and assists in the development of aeronautics in West Virginia and encourages the establishment of airports and air navigation facilities.
  • The Division of Highways – It is responsible for planning, engineering, right-of-ways acquisition, construction, reconstruction, traffic regulation, and maintenance of more than 34,000 miles of state roads. Additional duties include highway research, outdoor advertising contiguous to state roads, roadside development, safety and weight enforcement, and dissemination of highway information.
  • The Division of Motor Vehicles -It is a division of the West Virginia Department of Transportation that provides driver information and education through twenty-three (23) regional offices.  The purpose of the Office is to hold administrative hearings for all license revocation orders issued by the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles.
  • The West Virginia Parkways, Economic Development, and Tourism Authority – It fosters economic development and tourism through a safe and efficient mountain transportation system, the West Virginia Turnpike, accessible tourist information centers and Tamarack, a statewide collection of handmade crafts, art, and cuisine.
  • The West Virginia Public Port Authority – It develops the potential of intermodalism by combining highway, rail, and water transportation infrastructure to maximize overall economic advantages to business, industry, and the citizens of West Virginia.
  • The Division of Public Transit  – It is the state administering agency for all federal and state programs relating to public transportation.  Additionally, it is the designated state organization for the receipt of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funding.
  • The State Rail Authority – It promotes the beneficial use of rail transportation and works to protect essential rail service across the state.


West Virginia Department of Transportation


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