Nebraska Department of Transportation

In Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) is responsible for building and maintaining the state and federal highways in the state.  NDOR is the principal state agency responsible for coordinating public transportation activities in the state.  Likewise, NDOR shall also provide technical assistance to improve Nebraska’s public transportation system in the state[i].

The mission of NDOR is “to provide and maintain, in cooperation with public and private organizations, a safe, efficient, affordable, environmentally compatible, and coordinated statewide transportation system for the movement of people and goods.”  Pursuant to the Nebraska Public Transportation Act, NDOR may contract to assist state agencies, political subdivisions, and public and qualified public-purpose organizations to provide public transportation services as specified in the act.  NDOR’s headquarters is located in Lincoln, the capital city.  And there are eight NDOR district offices.

The powers, duties, and responsibilities of NDOR are[ii]:

  • to collect and maintain data regarding the level of public transportation services needed in the state;
  • to identify areas not being adequately served by existing public or private transportation services;
  • to assess the regional and statewide effect of changes, improvement, and route abandonment’s in the state’s public transportation system;
  • to develop a six-year statewide transit plan and programs for public transportation in coordination with local plans and programs developed by municipalities, counties, and transit authorities;
  • to provide planning and technical assistance to agencies of the state, political subdivisions, or groups aiming at improving public transportation;
  • to advise, consult, and cooperate with agencies of the state, the federal government, and other states, interstate agencies, political subdivisions, and groups concerned with public transportation;
  • to provide periodic assessments to the Public Service Commission, after determining the effect of proposed regulatory decisions on public transportation;
  • to administer federal and state programs providing financial assistance to public transportation;
  • to prepare and submit a biennial report to the governor, the State Energy Office, and the clerk of the legislature enumerating its activities under the Nebraska Public Transportation Act; and
  • to exercise all other powers necessary and proper for the discharge of its duties.


Like the department of transportation in similar other states, the Nebraska Department of Roads does not oversee Nebraska aviation, waterways, motor vehicles, or many other areas that similar agencies in other states have as part of their mission.  In Nebraska, it is the Department of Aeronautics that provides services for the aviation community including, airport improvement, construction and equipment projects, transportation services for state officials, aviation education, and aviation publications.

Nebraska Department of Roads

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