Kentucky Department of Transportation

In Kentucky, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of a safe, efficient, multi-modal transportation system in the state.  KYTC manages more than 27,000 miles of highways, including roughly 20,500 miles of secondary roads, 3,600 miles of primary roads, and more than 1,400 interstate and parkway miles.  KYTC also provides direction for 230 licensed airports and heliports and oversees all motor vehicle and driver’s licensure for more than three million drivers in the state.

KYTC was established pursuant to KRS § 12.250.  The mission of KYTC is “to provide a safe, efficient, environmentally sound, and fiscally responsible transportation system that delivers economic opportunity and enhances the quality of life in Kentucky.”

KYTC is organized into namely the following offices, divisions, and departments: Office of the Secretary, Office of Budget & Fiscal Management, Office of Audits, Office for Civil Rights &Small Business Development, Office of the Inspector General, Office of Human Resource Management, Office of Legal Services, Office of Transportation Delivery, KYTC Conference Center, Department of Highways, Division of Program Management, Office of Project Development, Division of Environmental Analysis, Division of Highway Design, Division of Planning, Division of Professional Services, Division of Right of Way & Utilities, Division of Structural Design, Office of Project Delivery & Preservation, Division of Construction, Division of Materials, Division of Construction Procurement, Division of Equipment, Division of Maintenance, Division of Traffic Operations, Office of Highway Safety, Division of Incident Management, Division of Highway Safety Programs, Department of Aviation, Kentucky Airport Zoning Commission, Department of Rural and Municipal Aid, Office of Rural & Secondary Roads, Office of Local Programs, Department of Vehicle Regulation, Division of Driver Licensing, Division of Motor Carriers, Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission, and Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing.

The functions of some of the departments and offices of KYTC are:

  • Office of the Secretary – Responsible for preparation of the Kentucky Highway Plan;
  • Office of Budget and Fiscal Management – Responsible for formulating sound fiscal policy, providing program guidance for KYTC through responsible budgeting and fiscal management;
  • Office of Transportation Delivery – Responsible for seeking grant funds, the oversight and implementation of various statewide public transit grants, and coordination of human service transportation such as non-emergency medical transportation;
  • Department of Highways – Responsible for providing a safe, secure, and reliable highway system that ensures the efficient mobility of people and goods, thereby enhancing both the quality of life and the economic vitality of the state;
  • Office of Project Development – Responsible for projects in the development phase, including planning, bridge and highway design, environmental components, consultant prequalification and selection, right of way acquisition, and utility relocation;
  • Office of Project Delivery & Preservation – Responsible for formulating and implementing all construction phases of highway projects, as well as maintenance, traffic control, and equipment utilization for Kentucky’s highways;
  • Office of Highway Safety – Made up of two divisions: the Division of Highway Safety Programs (DHSP) and the Division of Incident Management (DIM).  DHSP conducts educational programs in schools and communities on topics such as teen drivers, distracted driving, and impaired driving prevention, and seat belt usage.  DIM oversees the Transportation Operations Center (TOC) and the Safety Assistance for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE) Patrol program;
  • Department of Aviation – Responsible for the regulation of airport and aviation activities; and
  • Department of Vehicle Regulation – Responsible for the administration of the policies and procedures set forth by the KYTC secretary.


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