Arkansas Department of Transportation

In Arkansas, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) provides and maintains a safe, effective, and environmentally sound transportation system for the state.  ATHD manages the state highway system and the public transportation systems within the state. The administrative control of the AHTD is vested in the State Highway Commission (SHC)[i].

Some of the powers and duties of SHC are[ii]:

  • to divide the state highway system into maintenance and construction districts;
  • to let all contracts for the construction, improvement, and maintenance of the roads;
  • to enter into contracts and agreements with the U.S. government relating to the survey, construction, improvement, and maintenance of roads;
  • to submit any scheme or program for construction or maintenance as may be required by the Federal Highway Administration, or otherwise provided by federal acts;
  • to establish a program of current and long-range planning for the state highway system;
  • to develop and coordinate a balanced statewide unified transportation plan;
  • to establish highway policies and administrative practices for the guidance and direction of the director;
  • to prepare the budget request, expenditures programs, and periodical allotments;
  • to investigate highway conditions and official conduct of departmental personnel;
  • to gather, tabulate, and disseminate information and statistics on road building, maintenance, and improvements;
  • to employ labor and lease equipment;
  • to establish a merit system under the merit council, a job classification system, and a salary scale in the department;
  • to make purchases of materials, supplies, and equipment as provided by law;
  • to sell all obsolete equipment, surplus supplies, and material that cannot be used by the AHTD; and
  • to adopt rules and regulations to implement its powers;


Further, the AHTD is organized into namely the following divisions: Arkansas highway police division, bridge division, computer services division, construction division, environmental division, equipment and procurement division, fiscal services division, human resources division, internal audit division, legal division, maintenance division, materials division, planning and research division, programs and contracts, public affairs division, right of way, roadway design division, state aid, and the survey division.

Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department

[i] A.C.A. § 27-65-102.

[ii] A.C.A. § 27-65-107.

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