Alabama Department of Transportation

In Alabama, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is the government agency that controls and manages the transportation infrastructure of the state.  ALDOT was established pursuant to Code of Ala. § 23-1-20.  The chief executive officer of ALDOT is the director of transportation, who is appointed by the governor of the state.  The director shall exercise all the powers, authority, and duties vested in ALDOT.  Before exercising his/her powers and duties, the director shall execute a bond to the State of Alabama[i].

ALDOT’s focus consists of:

  • providing a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound inter-modal transportation system for all users of transportation in the state;
  • facilitating economic and social development, and prosperity through the effective movement of people and goods;
  • facilitating inter-modal connections within Alabama;
  • providing adequate funding to promote and maintain Alabama’s transportation infrastructure.


ALDOT has nine geographic regions called divisions and a Central Office located in Montgomery.  The Central Office is divided into the Office of the Transportation Director and the Office of the Chief Engineer with Bureaus and Divisions reporting to the Chief Engineer.  In addition, ALDOT also consists of several other boards and committees that function either within a bureau or among several bureaus or divisions.

The bureaus under ALDOT are the aeronautics bureau, bureau of air transportation, bridge bureau, computer services bureau, construction bureau, county transportation bureau, design bureau, equipment, procurement and services, bureau of finance and audits, maintenance bureau, bureau of materials and tests, bureau of transportation planning and modal programs, office of homeland security, personnel and compliance bureau, training bureau, media and community relations bureau, bureau of office engineer, research and development, and right of way bureau.

Alabama Department of Transportation

[i] Code of Ala. § 23-1-21.

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